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Many significant historical events took place on the eighth day of Ramadan of AH.

The famous scholar Ibn Majah died, On the fifth day of Ramadan throughout history, founder of a Muslim dynasty Abd al-Rahman I was born in hijri, a On the fourth day of Ramadan throughout history, companion and paternal uncle of the Prophet Mohammed, Hamza ibn This website uses "cookies":. Protests expected at Hong Kong shopping malls one week after violent clash.

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Hundreds of thousands evacuated as cyclone hits Bangladesh. Trump says China trade talks moving along nicely, but deal has to be right. EU heavyweight states push for joint supervisor against money laundering. UK Conservatives keep lead over Labour: Poll. Trump to host NATO chief as alliance faces strains. Abu Dawud was one of the scholars who compiled the six collections of hadith and was famous for his book Sunan Abu Dawud. Staff writer, Al Arabiya. Text size A A A. What happened on the ninth day of Ramadan throughout history?

What happened on the 8th day of Ramadan throughout history? What happened on the fifth day of Ramadan throughout history? What happened on the fourth day of Ramadan throughout history? Send to a friend Close.

Today, a spacecraft traveling at a speed of 7, KPH takes three years to reach the nearest planet. When he looked toward his right, he laughed, and when he looked toward his left, he wept. O pious Prophet and pious son. Those on his right are the people of Paradise, and those on his left are the people of Hellfire; when he looks toward his right, he laughs, and when he looks toward his left, he weeps.

Prophet Adam peace be upon him is the father of humanity. This confirms the idea of unity of humans everywhere. Now, why is Prophet Adam laughing and crying?

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He is happy with those who learned from his experience and, at the same time, sad for those who did not. As we already know, his experience with Satan resembles a mathematical problem that has a model answer; it is something that one has to learn to resolve similar problems. Although other problems may appear different, the idea is the same: Keep away from the whispers of Satan.

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Jibreel peace be upon him demanded that the gate of heaven be opened, and he was asked who he was. He welcomed me and prayed for my well-being. Then, he ascended with us to the fourth heaven. Then, he ascended with us to the fifth heaven. He welcomed me prayed for my well-being. Jibreel peace be upon him asked for the door to be opened. Jibreel demanded that the gate be opened. It is narrated on the authority of Anas b. Malik that the Messenger of Allah may peace be upon him said:. I mounted it and came to the Mosque Bait Maqdis in Jerusalem , then tethered it to the ring used by the prophets.

Jibreel then asked the gate of heaven to be opened and he was asked who he was.


Isra and Miraj: The Miraculous Night Journey

He welcomed me and prayed for my good. Then we ascended to the second heaven. Jibreel peace be upon him asked the door of heaven to be opened , and he was asked who he was. Maryam and Yahya b. Zakariya peace be upon both of them , cousins from the maternal side. Then I was taken to the third heaven and Jibreel asked for the opening of the door.

Then he ascended with us to the fourth heaven. Idris peace of Allah be upon him was there. Then he ascended with us to the fifth heaven and Jibreel asked for the gate to be opened. Then I was taken to the sixth heaven. Then I was taken up to the seventh heaven. Jibreel asked the gate to be opened. Then I was taken to Sidrat-ul-Muntaha whose leaves were like elephant ears and its fruit like big earthenware vessels. And when it was covered by the Command of Allah, it underwent such a change that none amongst the creation has the power to praise its beauty.

Then Allah revealed to me a revelation and He made obligatory for me fifty prayers every day and night. O Muhammad, each being credited as ten, so that makes fifty prayers. He who intends to do a good deed and does not do it will have a good deed recorded for him; and if he does it, it will be recorded for him as ten; whereas he who intends to do an evil deed and does not do, it will not be recorded for him; and if he does it, only one evil deed will be recorded.

But, where are the rest of the Prophets? The fact is that the presence of those particular Prophets in the seven heavens is symbolic. Some prophets were ordered by Allah to construct new societies and this was what Prophet Mohammad was going to do when he immigrated to Madinah.

Other prophets migrated from their homelands and returned, like Prophets Yusuf Joseph and Musa Moses. In fact, this was a prediction of what Prophet Muhammad was going to do two years after immigration to Madinah. Some other prophets were subjected to persecution, while others were even subjected to murder or attempts of murder by their people. It was as if Almighty Allah had selected a number of Prophets whose lives foreshadowed future events in the life of Prophet Muhammad.

It is located exactly above the Kaaba and is identical to it. Those who visit Makkah for Hajj or Umrah feel this. The Kaaba is the holiest place on earth and a point directly connected to the holiest of places ever. This is because he and his son, Ismail Ishmael , built the Kaaba. The rule is that one reaps the fruits of his or her labors. He is leaning on it because he labored enough in his life, and now he can rest in the hereafter.


We should labor in this life so that Almighty Allah would allow us to rest on the Day of Judgment. That is life: We want to rest, but there is no comfort in it.


We should not let comfort be our purpose in life. We live this life to farm, learn, reform our societies, reproduce, worship Allah, help people, and take initiatives.