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They will try to cheat. In the center of the room, a massive projection screen gives organizers a real-time look at exactly where each team is in the game and in the city. Keeping all the moving parts together is an interlocking web of private Slack channels. Players were given radio transmitters and thermometers that were key to solving a puzzle.

In theory, using the thermometer on the right object would have given players the proper FM channel to tune in to receive the next clue. But minutes before the first players made it to the site, it became apparent that the radio transmitters simply weren't working well enough, forcing Laibowitz to pull a last-minute backup puzzle out of his pocket. I ended up writing a new one on a sticker and putting it on tip of the needle sculpture in the Fashion District. Mat Laibowitz created Midnight Madness in Inspired by the Michael J.

Fox movie of the same name, his idea was to create an event that forced people to get work together in person to experience the city in a new way—something Laibowitz viewed as a necessary antidote to what was, even in the mids, becoming an increasingly screen-filled existence. In the pre-cellphone years, teams kept in contact with each other and with Game Control using payphones.

This year, virtually all Midnight Madness-related communication made its way to Slack.

For One Long Night, Manhattan Was Turned Into A Massive Game For Hundreds Of Finance Workers

When teams fell behind and needed a nudge, their designated handler sent clues over Slack. When a team cracked open a puzzle, they let Game Control know over Slack. The event featured another first: The scavenger hunt doubled as a massive immersive theater installation. Its subject: Audrey Munson. Dancers and actors take to the steps of the National Museum of the American Indian. One year later, they got their papers to come to the US. Meanwhile, in New York, Zsa Zsa was losing her mind and on a bender. In April of , she filed for divorce from Hilton.

He agreed that it was the right decision, but he was also concerned about her welfare. Partnering with Eva, he had Zsa Zsa committed to a sanitarium. She spent almost two months there, undergoing barbaric insulin shock therapy. She and Conrad divorced in , but Zsa Zsa turned up pregnant soon after. Conrad put his name on the birth certificate, though it was uncertain the child, a daughter named Francesca, was actually his.

In , she wed Sanders. A few years into their marriage, she met a Dominican playboy named Porfirio Rubirosa and fell in deep lust. In December , he filed for divorce, leaving Zsa Zsa shattered. The two would go on to be good friends, and in Zsa Zsa convinced him to marry Magda, by then an invalid after suffering a stroke, to keep him in the family.

She helped Trujillo get into the Hollywood scene and introduced him to various stars. As a thank you, he sent her a Mercedes convertible and a fur coat.

In , news broke of her involvement with him, and Zsa Zsa found herself at the center of a publicity crisis. She was even censured by Congress. While Zsa Zsa had the most scandalous love life, her sisters also kept busy. According to Francesca, Eva was bisexual and had an affair with Marlene Dietrich. She married and divorced five husbands and went on to serve as a beard for her friend Merv Griffin.

Magda sought a quieter life but still went through six husbands. After Sanders, Zsa Zsa had a string of short, unremarkable marriages. In , a then year-old Zsa Zsa married Frederic von Anhalt, a year-old German businessman who claimed to be a prince after he was adopted by a deposed European royal. Once you finish the scavenge, you can take all the scavenged cards. But beware. Once a Peril is revealed, all scavenged cards are lost and you will likely gain an Affliction.

Although both effects can often be prevented, it comes at a cost.

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When you finally have the cards in your hand, you can either play their effect at any time or harvest them for food. Fine balance between the two is the key to your survival.

Alabama Regional Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped

You also can trade and make bargains which are often vital in making the most of your resources. That's the basics. As the game goes on, you will find yourself in more and more dire situations and only the best will manage to push on as death is brutally real here and saving a friend a turn ago can well be the reason your own journey ends in blood and groans. To spice up the game, horrifying encounters will leave semi-permanent marks on your soul through the course of the game.

In the depths, it's just a matter of one bad desision to become Paranoid or Compulsive and these Affliction will shape your play, making it more challenging, but also much more personal and unique. Discover how easily Afflictions can make you a babbling paranoid madman and soothe yourself with knowing that some lucky Opportunities may be found even in this hellish place.

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In collaboration with our awesome backers, we will bring you downloadable rules and cards overview, translated into these languages: Czech, Spanish, French and German. You can even check a French draft of the rule-book right now.

Done by Razoupaf and Jean-Pierre. Watch Ricky from Box of Delights run through the solo scenario and get the feel for the basic rules and godforsaken atmosphere. Also note that a multiplayer experience brings much more action, as well as interaction. Have a look at the articles our wonderful backers wrote about the game: Anatomy of the game and Solo play experience - by Dave French Entrez dans la Reine - by Razoupaf Finnish Hurja korttipeliseikkailu - by Olli.


MAURER: ‘Scavengers’ offers entertaining local lore

We send all the rewards from within the EU. Shipping to other countries is unfortunately more than 2 times more expensive, but the included amount is deducted from shipping price to other countries. Most parts of the game from mechanics to graphic design is ready to go and illustrations are currently being finished. You can follow our Facebook page to watch the process up close.

On the other hand we still have time to make adjustments based on unlocked stretch-goals and your feedback as there is always room for improvement. We're in a close contact with reliable printers from the start and ready for all kinds of Kickstarter outcomes. Once the campaign is finished, we can begin the production process. Being our first published game, we want to make the first impression as great as humanly possible.

As for any potential unforeseen problems, we're also in contact with a few successful Kickstarter authors and with their experience, we can tackle any surprises head-on. Show us support, get our thanks and earn the right to haunt us in our nightmares.

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We'll also send you a wallpaper and let you know how is the campaign progressing. Traveller's pack.

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Adventures are not a cakewalk, but you are prepared now. Everything fits in nicely and it works for sleeved cards too ;. Collector's box. Take what's rightfullly yours. There is no looking back in this gloomy world. Oct 18, - Nov 16, 29 days. Share this project Done.